Podcasts: The new something?

Recently, NPR introduced the #trypod campaign to raise awareness of podcasts. Now, I am nothing if not a trend savvy #millenial so this concept is obviously right up my alley. I’m a podcast consuming fiend, and firmly believe that everyone should be. Podcasts are great, there’s literally a podcast about everything. Trust me on that as a person who has been trying to figure out an original podcast idea for the past two years and is still looking. Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my five podcast recommendations for you to check out, along with conveniently embedded clips for all of them because I take the experience of my 5 readers very seriously.

Sleep With Me: The Podcast That Puts You to Sleep

OK so maybe I kinda lied about clips for this one specific podcast because that really isn’t the point of it. You won’t find a lot of standout moments from Sleep With Me because the goal of the show is to literally bore you to sleep. Host Scooter is basically telling bedtime stories for grown-ups, just interesting enough to keep your mind off thinking about falling asleep while also not saying anything important enough that you are worried to miss something by falling asleep. As someone who used to fall asleep to regular podcasts, I consistently ran into that latter issue. This is easily the most useful podcast I know of, and has legitimately drastically improved my sleep schedule.

Check out Sleep With Me Podcast on Feral Audio

Hollywood Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Kicking Butt and Dropping Names in the Red-Carpet-Lined Back Hallways of this Industry We Call Showbiz

OK so maybe it’s a bad start to the clips to start with a 20 minute one but it is probably the funniest 20 minutes in all of podcasts. It is funny and good, but also very smart and funny. In Hollywood Handbook, hosts Sean and Hayes play fictionalized exaggerated and much more successful versions of themselves. This podcast is a podcast fan’s podcast, and now that I’m saying this I definitely don’t recommend this podcast for anyone new to the medium. Much of the humour either comes from satire of many common podcasting tropes or references to the intense mythos of Hollywood Handbook. If one is brave enough to venture into thisĀ Insider’s Guide to Kicking Butt and Dropping Names in the Red-Carpet-Lined Back Hallways of this Industry We Call Showbiz, I highly recommend hopping in from the very beginning. But if one can truly grasp what is happening in Hollywood Handbook, it is easily one of most genius podcasts you can find.

Listen to Hollywood Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Kicking Butt and Dropping Names in the Red-Carpet-Lined Back Hallways of this Industry We Call Showbiz on Earwolf

99% Invisible

OK so once again, long clip, but 99% Invisible episodes are already less than 30 minutes and don’t necessarily break into chunks well so this is just an entire episode. I swear at least one of these will be convenient. This podcast, hosted by Roman Mars, is about things that are well, almost invisible in everyday life. It explores the design and minutiae of basically everything we encounter on an everyday basis, from doors to pens to advertising like in the video. Unlike the last podcast, this one is entirely episodic in nature so it is easy to jump in anywhere that seems intriguing. Roman also has a very relaxing voice if you just want to relax to some learning. This is actually the “regular” podcast I used to listen to for sleeping but it was actually too interesting to fall asleep too, and I think that’s the best compliment I can give because I can fall asleep to a lot.

Listen to 99% Invisible

The West Wing Weekly

OK so I wasn’t actually able to find a clip from the show on Youtube for convenient viewing. Once again, egg on my face, this post was a mistake. Also once again, chances are you won’t care about this podcast, it is very specific to people who enjoy The West Wing. I’m regretting a lot now. I’ll just get to the point then, there are a lot (a LOT) of TV show podcasts. The West Wing Weekly is probably the best one. Not only is one of the hosts a cast member of the show, but they also consistently get great interviews with other members of the cast and crew. You get an incredibly in depth view of behind the scenes, and it’s also nice to hear other peoples thoughts on The West Wing when you start binge watching it and no-one you know has seen it and, boy, that show gets crazy at some parts and you need to hear somebody talk about it. I don’t know, at this point I’m starting to think I might not be a good writer.

Listen to The West Wing Weekly

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

BOOM GOT A CLIP, AND IT’S UNDER 2 MINUTES. HA. Take that past me writing about how I doubt my skills just mere minutes ago. So yeah, that was the pay off for that bit. Yep. Maybe I am bad at this.

When I said that these were in no particular order, I meant all of them except this one. This is it, the best podcast. It is objectively the best, I checked the math myself. My Brother, My Brother, and Me is an “advice show for the modren era.” Hosts and brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy give advice to listeners and answer Yahoo Answers questions also submitted by listeners, which more serve as prompts for goofs than actual advice. The McElroys are extremely funny boy, but most of all they are genuinely good people. While their humour can get very lewd or vulgar, it is never malice in nature. Their goofs are victimless crimes, and when they do mess up they happily apologize and adapt themselves to approach the situation better next time. The show’s biggest draw however is the brothers’ natural chemistry. They grew up trying to make each other laugh and that’s all their trying to do in the podcast, but that natural banter is what makes My Brother, My Brother, and Me such a great show. That and that they all have incredibly infectious laughter.

Listen to My Brother, My Brother, and Me on Maximum Fun

I doubt most of these podcasts will appeal to any of the people reading this, but they appeal to me perfectly. And that is the glory of podcasting, there is actually so many to choose from that I firmly believe it is impossible for their to not be one out there that is right up your alley. So all I ask is that next time you’ve got a long commute somewhere, or need to do some chores or laundry around the house, throw on a podcast. Maybe you’ll find one for that TV show you’ve watched 5 times, or one hosted by that comedian you really liked, or one about one of your hobbies, or even one about a subject you know nothing about but want to learn. Podcasts are cool, and you should listen to them.


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